Director, Camera, Edit, Sound, Music,
Web, Data, Documentation,
Remote Viewing, Telekinesis etc.

Contact: jason [at]

Jason Heller CV PDF


2012 - 2013Freelance
Freelance editor, videographer, producer, director
Key editor for Cutting Edge Services and Rigoni Hall Event Services
Clients include: Ash Keating, Nathan Gray, Dylan Martorell, Otto Empire, Abbott Pharmaceuticals, 3M, Margie Warrell, Saxton Speakers Bureau, Slow Art Collective, Mat Humphrey, Derek Richards.
Producer/Editor/Director for Ash Keating (Artist) “The West Park Proposition”
Multi Channel Video Installation to screen at Monash Museum of Modern Art, October 2012. Acquired by National Gallery of Victoria 2012, winner $20,000 Guirguis Art Prize, Ballarat 2013
Documentary producer/director/editor/writer for ASPIRE / Amnesty International
Producing short documentary film about Palestinian Iraqi Refugees for Amnesty International to present at UNHCR Conference in Geneva, July 2012.
2006 - 2011The Guild Of Commercial Filmmakers
Duties Included: Video Editing, DVD Authoring, Database Management, Print Layout, Server Management, Maintenance of Computers and technical aspects, Online data management, website management, liaising with clients post-houses regarding technical matters, sound editing, FTP management, Pre-Production document layouts (treatments, wardrobe etc), image and video research, Offline Editing, Restriping TVCs.

2013:Ash Keating ‘Continuum’ Single Channel Video
for Mildura Palimpsest 2013 - Director, Producer, Editor - In production
The Ancients ‘Hey Now’ Music Video
Camera, Edit, Director, Producer
Lost Animal ‘Lose The Baby’ Music Video
Camera, Edit, Director, Producer
NO ZU ‘Loving You Overtime’ Music Video
Camera, Edit, Director, Producer
Bullet Train For Australia Party - Election TVC
Camera, Edit, Director
Polyglot Theatre Company ‘GRIT’
Extended Residency at Mahogany Rise PS Frankston North
Video production, music, theatre, mentoring
Polyglot Theatre Company ‘Muckheap”
Documentation Production
Bikefest/Share and Be Aware - Bicycle Safety Film
Camera, Edit, Director, Producer
Saxton Speakers Bureau
‘Ultimate Event‘ - Edit documentation, produce 3 min promo
“Border and Botham‘ Video production
Risha Agwali ‘Arranged With Love’ Short Film
Editor and Sound Designer
The South Project - Website Design and Build
2012:Ash Keating ‘West Park Proposition’ Three Channel Video
Produced for MUMA Artist Proof
Director, Producer, Editor, Technical
‘Quietly Settled’ Short Film for Amnesty International / UNHCR
Camera, Editor, Writer, Director, Producer
Faspeedelay ‘Goat Dance’ Music Video
Camera, Edit, Director, Producer
MMA Cage TV - Documentary Editing
Slow Art Collective ‘Brunswick Project’ ‘Shelter’ Documentation Production

Behind The Scenes TVCs:
Mitsubishi “Outlander”
Stihl “Tiny Dealer”
Melbourne International Film Festival “ChocTop Vs Popcorn”

Music Video Production:
2013:The Ancients ‘Hey Now’
Lost Animal ‘Lose The Baby’
NO ZU ‘Loving You Overtime’
2012:Faspeedelay ‘Goat Dance’
2011:Lost Animal ‘Say No To Thugs‘
Panel Of Judges ‘Dainty Vagabond’
New Waver ‘Hey Dude’
2009:Love Of Diagrams “Look Out”
Panel Of Judges “Dream Satisfaction”
Hi God People “Tiger Tooth Bangles”
2012:“Quietly Settled” Documentary film screened at UNHCR in Geneva
2011-13:“The Last Great Road Trip” Feature Film - In Production.
2007-13:“Bass Drop” Film (in production) Documentary film.
2009:“Psychologist” Short Film RMIT Media Arts.
2008:“Pulling” Short Film RMIT Media Arts.
2006:“Eat Your Heart Out” Short Film RMIT Media Arts.

Documentation Production:
Slow Art Collective, The Melbourne Arts Centre
Western Bulldogs Player Sponsors 40th Anniversary DVD
“What Do You Think Of Me?” Palestinian/Isreali Art Project, Meat Market
Aspire - Palestinian Refugee Group Video Documentation
“Bass Drop” Film (in production) Documentary film.
Heartical Hi-Fi, Sound System Promotional Documentary
What Is Music? Festival Documentation.
Claudia Del Fierro, Video Editing, South Project/RMIT Artist in Residence
“Natimuk Brass Band” Nathan Grey, ACCA
“Umbel Ballits” installation by Dylan Martorell
“Panter Cluster Rimbone” installation and performance by Dylan Martorell
Godwin Bradbeer “The Metaphysical Body” Video Retrospective for Shepparton Art Gallery
Hi – God People Performances, Various Locations
“I.D. Check” Project Footscray Community Arts Centre
Melbourne Fringe Festival Yanagai Yanagai” Melbourne Workers Theatre
“Diatribe” Melbourne Workers Theatre
“Youth Forum” Nillumbick Shire Council
“Sport” Art Of Difference Festival DVA Theatre Company
Live Video:What Is Music? Festival, Live Video Production, Sydney, Melbourne
Children Of The Wave, Live performance visuals
Live Video Operator: “Big Top Hop” Commonwealth Games Festival Footscray Community Arts Centre Melbourne
Fringe Festival Opening Event collaborating with Emile Zile
“Sport” DVA Theatre Company Dancehouse

Selected Arts Projects and Exhibitions:
2010“RodaRoda Soundsystem” Sepeda Pawai Bicycle Parade Community Event, Yogyakarta, Indonesia
Bikefest 2010, Roda Roda Bicycle Installation.
2009“RodaRoda Soundsystem” Music/Bicycle/Visual Roaming installation, South Project, Yogyakarta, Indonesia
“Merapi” Video installation, with Lucreccia Quintanilla, South Project, Yogyakarta, Indonesia
“South Reflection” with Lucreccia Quintanilla, Dylan Martorell Lichen Kemp, Bus Gallery
2008“Salon” installation with Lucreccia Quintanilla; Bus Gallery and Penthouse Mouse
2007 Work screened as part of Sun Stroked touring video exhibition curated by Emile Zile, Berlin and Rotterdam.
2005 RMIT Immersive Environment – International Soundscapes Exhibition – Melbourne, Italy, Denmark.
Liquid Architecture Festival – Brisbane. Field Recording Public Space Exhibition
2004 Next Wave Festival Matchbox Contemporary Art Spaces
Silent Army – True Fantasy Book Launch Exhibition, Melbourne
2001 BUS gallery Solo Exhibition

Community Projects:
2006Mental Health Network, Music Workshop Co-Ordinator, Club Wild.
2003 -2005 Program Developer / Co-Ordinator Saturday Sounds Improvised Music Groups
Banyule City Council for Teenagers With Additional Needs Improvised Music Groups
Production Manager / Tutor “Talkin’ Back” Youth Video Project Banyule City Council

Grants and awards:
2010Australia Indonesia Institute Grant
Arts Victoria International Cultural Exchange Grant
2006RMIT Union Grant
2004Banyule City Council/ DHS grant for Saturday Sounds program
2003Banyule City Council/ DHS grant for Teenagers With Additional Needs music program

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